Sibylle Baier

Sibylle Baier is a German Folk singer/actress who achieved long awaited recognition when her album Colour Green was released by Orange Twin Records in 2006. The songs were reel to reel tapes recorded between 1970-1973. Their haunting beauty lay dormant until some thirty years later when her son Robby compiled the songs to CD to give to family. He eventually gave a copy to J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. who then gave it to Orange Twin. Colour Green is a hypnotic and beautiful album. Check out Sibylle’s song “Tonight” below.

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September 30, 2013 · 11:58 pm

[Check Em’ Owt!] The Shoal Creek Stranglers bring back the tradition!

photo by Meg Cape

photo by Meg Cape

Like the soft laughter of a child, a picture perfect sunset, or in this case the simple beauty of a song, The Shoal Creek Stranglers are literally able to put your heart and mind at ease. Founded summer 2011 by members of the Rock n’ Raw sensation THE HUMMS, Zeke Sayer and Matt Garrison set forth to play and perform the tunes that not only were in their hearts, but in their blood. This duo’s combination of diverse musical tastes with the equal understanding for Bluegrass and Folk results in a ghostly yet humble take on Bill Monroe, The Carter Family, Rev. Gary Davis and additional founders and players of American roots.

The driving yet delicate plucks and progressions of Sayer’s acoustic guitar are immediately matched by Garrison’s persistent upright bass. The steady and floaty melodies form a hazy and reassuring lullaby over you, which is only elevated by not only the purity of Sayer’s vocals, but the beautiful toned harmony from both he and Garrison. They touch on the sunny side of things with songs like “A Smile Will Brighten Up Your Day“, let their Bluegrass sweetness shine with the little number “Hello Stranger” and can even tell a rather unfortunate tale with their rendition of The Kingston Trio’s Tom Dooley“.

One thing I’ve noticed about this Gypsy Farm act, is their ability to play these traditional songs in any surrounding! From blown out Rock & Roll  house shows to being nestled in a lovely afternoon festival, The Shoal Creek Stranglers do not falter in regards to their humble and honest approach in any given situation. By maintaining this approach, SCS are doing the most important thing with traditional American music. Passing it along to the following generations and keeping it alive…

You can find these guys at and be sure to check out The Shoal Creek Stranglers as well as another lovely GFR band Old Smokey LIVE October 6th @ The World Famous in Athens GA! In the mean time, lets have these guys brighten up our day shall we? 

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T.S. Woodward – “Blue Ribbon”

My friend T.S. has just released a very cool video for a great song of his called “Blue Ribbon”! Have a look…

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September 12, 2013 · 8:00 pm

[Check Em’ Owt!] Kill Kill Buffalo

photo by Daniel Fell

Here’s a really cool band we’re gonna talk about from Athens GA. I present Kill Kill Buffalo! Over the past year, this trio has consistently impressed me with not only their intense live performances, but their poetic and yet livid lyrical stands on love, loss, society, and retribution. The soft timid steps of Kara Kildare’s keys or guitar can always turn on you in an instant to overdriven melodic flurries, well matched by the wide ranged and skilled rhythm section of drummer Tyler Ohrt & bassist Mandy Branch! Kildare’s vocals are of soaring departure, nestled between a perfect blend of the hypnotism of Patti Smith with the integrity of PJ Harvey.

KKB was founded by Kildare & Ohrt in 2011, after Kara relocated from Buffalo NY to Athens GA in 2010. Miss Branch joined the band early this year sealing the rhythm deal. I caught up with Kara for a little insight on her time in Buffalo, music, and the band. Here are a couple questions I asked her:

HMBOutside of your solo work, The B53’s(The B52’s well accurate cover band) & KKB, what other artistic projects have you been a part of?

Kara: For 5 years I was Resident actor at Torn Space Theater in Buffalo, NY. TSP is an experimental and innovative theater company that incorporates the varying disciplines of the arts and media. There, I experimented with and developed many of the voice techniques that I use in my music.

*This would definitely explain the complete grasp and embodiment of live sets!*

HMB: And whats the most rewarding part about being in Kill Kill Buffalo to you?

Kara: The most rewarding thing about being in KKB…hmmm……I’d have to say that collaborating with others is the most rewarding thing. I’ve spent so much of my life playing and writing music alone. Growing up, being trained as a classical pianist, I spent a lot of time alone in a room with my instrument. After my classical training was over I spent years composing in the same way, alone in a room. Its just nice to have people to share my music with that want to play it.

A perfect example that sharing music is the universal gift to all. Well said, Kara! And she’s not the only KKB member that has her hands in various bands either! Tyler Ohrt is the guitar player in the new Athens band The Frequencies and is known to bust some guts as a stand up comic under the alias Tyler John. Mandy Branch has been in several great bands as well including Heros Severum, The Bet and continues to perform with The Incendiaries, Honeychild & Motherfucker.

Keep yo’ eyes peeled for Kill Kill Buffalo and be sure to check out their track “Oh We Oh” beellooww!

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[Check Em’ Owt!] Why The Classic City Needs the Free Associates

   The first band I’d like to bring to the table for splendid observation  is a vicious 3 piece Rock/Blues band from Athens GA. Relatively recent to the scene but not at all to the craft and livelihood of Rock N Roll . They are The Free Associates. Good God,man! If you have vicariously made your way around the nightlife of town in hopes for a good live Rock show(or hopes of your own personal means, for that matter), there is a big chance these guys were the reason you didn’t wake up until 3pm!

    We’ve all been there. Bouncing around trying to find a good show only to find pretentious hipsters with their iPads, Punk bands that care more about how overtly dirty they look rather than what they’re playing,  ‘desperate to be’ reincarnations of Brantley Gilbert, overbearing Indie kid turned Math Metal wizards(thank God for effects pedals), and lets not forget the fedora sporting Folk masters. But have no fear! The Associates are here!

   The best thing about them is they’re an actual band! Not tied down to digital equipment. No theatrics to boot! Not to say that all bands/music in town isn’t genuine, but there is something to admire and learn from with these guys as far playing who they are and doing it very stripped down without reliance on their gear. Just how Rock and Roll began. The overdriven Link Wray-esque style strums of Scott Laniak’s guitar, low fuzz bass from Tim Robinson and powerful drums from Larry Choskey gives complete distorted homage to electric blues of the late 1950’s. Additional sweet notions include Laniak and Robinson’s rotation in lead vocals, dynamic group chants and a vast catalog of traditionals, covers and originals all smothered in the Blues. Their live set is such a must!

   But hey now, its all for the love of music and this trio proves that by being in so many other acts with one another. When not associating themselves freely, they are apart of numerous other bands in Athens including Nate & The Nightmares led by Cars Can Be Blue’s Nathaniel T. Mitchell, Jones Maintenance All-Stars and more. The Free Associates will be performing this Thursday (Aug22nd) at Little Kings in Athens GA with Timmy & The Tumblers and Florida’s own Fat Night! Check Em’ Owt! -GH

Free Associates

Free Associates at Little Kings in Athens, GA


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